Dog Groomers in Corby

Corby Dog Grooming are highly skilled and trained dog groomers excelling in dog grooming services across Northamptonshire.


We treat your dog with care

At Corby Dog Grooming, we ensure to provide safe and high quality grooming services. We understand dog behaviour and cater to your dog's individual requirements.

You can leave your pets with us when you are busy or travelling and they will be looked after with care and consideration.

Small white and brown dog being held while getting a trim

High quality products used for your pets

We use high quality shampoos and conditioners that are soap free. This eases the washing process and prevents any further irritation to already existing conditions.Your dog's well-being is kept in mind at all times during grooming.

A full groom can include baths, stripping dead hair, cutting and styling, ear cleaning, de-matting pads and breed specific treatments like hair removal from ears.

Our dog grooming services include:

small golden dog getting trimmed with clippers

Dog clipping

small white dog getting its face trimmed

Dog haircuts

small dog being washed in the shower

Dog baths

golden cockapoo betting its nails trimmed

Nail care

small white and brown dog being shampooed


small white dog getting its ears brushed


For Dog Groomers in Corby

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